Fitness Class Descpritions


Why do we call it PANDEMONIUM? Because the word
PANDEMONIUM is literally defined as: wild uproar or unrestrained
disorder; tumult or chaos. That is exactly what
this class is! Want to lose calories fast? PANDEMONIUM is
the ultimate calorie crusher! With a combination of spin,
strength, sprints and ployometrics this one hour will keep
you on your toes. This class is perfect for any fitness level.
Check it out!


Want to burn calories in a fun, upbeat, competitive
environment? SPINNING is for you. A brand new state
of the art SPINNING room which boasts: private dark
room, black lights, high tech sound system and Star Trac
Spinning NXT bikes. ALL fitness levels are welcomed in
SPINNING. The interval training with varied resistance
gives a calorie busting workout in one hour that burns up
to 600 calories. Start your day off right with one hour of


Want to try something different? Take a double-header
class of TRX SUSPENSION and ABS EXPRESS. This combination
of 2 classes will help build your core, leverage
gravity and your body weight to help you perform
hundreds of unique exercises. TRX builds muscle endurance
and delivers a fast and effective total body workout.
Adding in ABS EXPRESS takes working your core to a new
level. Medicine balls, stability balls, bosu and a variety of
movements allows this core workout to keep you guessing
and learning new movements to rock that core! All
fitness levels are welcomed, but get ready to work hard
for this hour class!


Want to test yourself by performing similar exercises as
our brave Service Men and Women? This military inspired
class utilizes calisthenics, kettle bells, athletic drills and
much more to help you reach your fitness goals. If you
haven't done a "burpee" since elementary school you
need to check this class out! A total body fitness class for
all levels (yes, even beginners!), you may not be a Navy
Seal but that doesn't mean you can't train like one.

BODY SHOCK 8 of 8:

Lose body fat? CHECK. Fast and up tempo? CHECK. Entire
body workout? CHECK. BODY SHOCK helps you lose
body fat, tone multiple muscle groups and all in a fun
class environment. BODY SHOCK utilizes 3-4 exercises per
muscle group with 8 sets of 8 reps. Don't be intimidated
though! With little rest and high reps this class keeps
your fitness levels high and keeps you coming back for


Barbells! Barbells! Barbells! GROUP POWER is a 60
minute class that focuses on strengthening all the major
muscle groups. Working in a class environment inspires
accountability and keeps you going when your body tells
you to stop. Activating your muscles through barbell
workouts helps promote a lean and healthy look as well
as increased metabolism. Come try GROUP POWER, a
perfect weight training class for ALL fitness levels.